Site Manger Pro Features



Empower your subcontractors to easily book in the right price, every time.

  • Set budgets for contracted works
  • Control variation orders
  • Stop double-booking in or over-booking
  • Enable tradespeople to book wages via mobile
  • Restrict tradespeople to specific sites
  • Release only plots you're working on
  • Reduce incorrect plots being claimed
  • Claim item budgets in full or part-claim
  • Know who did what and when
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LJ Construction "For over 10 years we’ve been using their software and it's made a significant difference to our capability & efficiency - we’re leaner, more agile and no longer haveā€¦

Ryan Jones, LJ Construction

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Build Quality Inspections, Task Checklists, Site Audits, HSE Audits, Customer Audits, Fire Door Inspections… Create and complete ANY type of inspection.

  • Create bespoke inspection templates that match the requirements of your company, your customer or regulatory body.
  • Pass, Fail, N/A answers
  • Assign Tradespeople to answers
  • Upload Images as answers which save GPS location co-ordinates into the inspection
  • Make inspections plot specific
  • Create unlimited inspections
  • Enable Contract Managers to complete inspections via tablet devices
  • Download inspections and PDFs and Excel
  • Know who did what and when


Push documents to your workforce, they sign to confirm they've read them.

  • Ideal for Health & Safety documents
  • Great for quality documents & site maps
  • Supports PDFs
  • Staff view and sign documents via mobile
  • Staff can search and view all their documents
  • Know who’s signed or not signed a document
  • Easy reporting 
  • Complete audit trail


Log and track issues with your workforce from NHBC defects, PPE, tools to vehicles.

  • Contracts managers can perform site and plot audits
  • Record NHBC quality defects, PPE & tool issues
  • Tradespeople can view quality issues & mark them as resolved
  • Tradespeople can accept or dispute contra charges
  • Back-office alerted to issues
  • Easy reporting 
  • Complete audit trail


Save all your staff certificates in one place and get alerted before they expire.

  • Know your staff’s CSCS cards are valid
  • Send auto SMS reminders before certificates expire
  • Add any type of certificate,
  • Upload a photo of the certificate
  • Contracts managers can view certificates
  • Office alerted to expiring certificates
  • Easy reporting 
  • Complete audit trail


A simple interface allows staff with even the most basic skill level to use the app.

  • Tradespeople can sign in securely via mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Tradespeople can book in their own wages
  • Tradespeople can view and sign documents
  • Tradespeople can record, view and respond to issues
  • Tradespeople can accept or dispute contra charges
  • Empower Tradespeople to keep their contact information up-to-date 
Contracts Managers

Contracts Managers

Empower your contracts managers - get visibility on their workforce.

  • Tablet interface optimised for bigger mobile screen
  • Managers can view and authorise tradespeople wages
  • Managers can add and release variations
  • Managers can complete inspections
  • Managers can check staff CSCS validity
  • Managers can view and sign documents
  • Managers can share tool box talks
  • Managers can perform site audits
  • Managers can view staff profiles
  • Managers can update their own profile data
SMS Texts

SMS Texts

95% of text messages are opened and responded to within three minutes.

  • Perfect for urgent site or H&S alerts
  • Ideal for reminders about key events
  • Send SMS texts to individual staff
  • Send SMS texts to groups of staff
  • SMS sender ID can be your company name(up to 11 characters)
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