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Site Manager Pro's web based software saves time, protects margins, and improves your contracting business so you can choose to seize an opportunity to scale faster or safeguard your market share. 

Benefits of choosing Site Manager Pro

Save time

Save time

Site Manager Pro connects your site trades, contract managers, administrators and managers, accelerating information exchange to create life-changing efficiencies.

  • Accelerate payroll
  • Gain significant efficiencies
  • Access real-time data from anywhere
  • Connect everyone on one platform
Protect margins

Protect margins

Site Manager Pro helps you identify issues before they become a billing problem, eliminates double-booking in of trades, and supports you to be paid for all work you've completed.

  • Minimise administration
  • Reduce human error
  • Protect labour budgets
  • Mitigate non-payment risk


Improve agility, efficiency, contract fulfilment, quality, health & safety and customer service so that price isn't the only differential between you and your competitors.

  • Improve your workflow
  • Increase productivity
  • Consistently build better
  • Amplify your reputation
Scale faster

Scale faster

Outperform rivals without your business processes creaking, or increasing bums on seats in the office. Choose to scale up profits - not your overheads.

  • Avoid employing more admin
  • Fit-for-purpose robust solution that 'just works'
  • Enables faster decision making
  • Win more work at better prices


Choose the freedom to build your business the right way so that you can sell, step down or reduce your responsibilities at the right time.

  • Become more attractive to a buyer
  • Safeguards a family business for the next generation
  • Easier to facilitate a management buy out
  • Achieve the true value of your business
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