Elite Maintenance

"I can’t begin to tell you how more efficient this has made us… a superb system and excellent customer care. Please don't hesitate to use my name for recommendations in the future."

Andrew Orme, Elite Maintenance

Elite Maintenance

About Elite Mainenance:

Elite Maintenance is a multi-trade property insurance repair contractor and housebuilder customer care remediation specialist throughout the UK.

They're well established, operating throughout the Midlands since 1990 and recognised as one of the leading repair and remediation companies in England.

During the last two decades, they have seen how distressing an insurance claim or customer care issue can be for the homeowner. Not only is there the damage and inconvenience of dealing with the situation, but coupled with the emotional stress and loss of personal property, it can be traumatic.

Elite pride themselves on exceptional customer service. They care about what they do. Their culture encourages everyone in their business to take the extra steps required to turn an ordinary service into an outstanding service. Their employees take responsibility for their own actions and concentrate on building high-quality business relationships at every level. They value collaboration, both internally and with their clients and partners.

Whether it's a residential or commercial loss, they appreciate the importance to return to day to day living within the quickest possible time frame. They work closely with the insured, as well as the insurance company to ensure situations and requirements of all are met.

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