How to choose the best contractor software for your construction business

By Georgia Galloway | 30 May, 2022 | 4 minute read

Running a business in the construction industry can prove more than a difficult task.

Whilst many construction companies are led by people who have years of expertise and know how to get the job done correctly, regardless of your level of experience, implementing contractor management software can help to make your business more efficient and profitable.

Three construction contractors on site in high-visibility jackets and hardhats, review their contractor management software on a tablet.

As a business grows, it comes with new challenges for the owners, especially those in the construction industry. Thanks to the development in technology, there are now a multitude of software solutions available on the market that can aid you with streamlining your business through an effective contractor management system.

Many construction companies started with just a handful of employees out on the tools and have quickly scaled up to having much larger workforces which comes with all of the extra problems that managing more staff involves. Contractor software can help alleviate these issues by connecting your office team to your on-site teams.

What can contractor software do to help?

Implementing contractor software into your business operations can help you streamline your processes and increase transparency within your organisation. You can reduce the likelihood of errors and omissions while also improving communication between all parties involved by automating many of the manual processes associated with contracting. Some of the many benefits of contractor software include:

  • Improved communication and collaboration: One of the key advantages of employing contractor software is that it improves communication between the many parties engaged in a construction project.
  • Streamlined operations: Contractor software can help you improve the efficiency of your construction business by automating routine tasks and providing rapid access to information, as well as aiding your financial management.
  • Reduced paperwork: It will help you reduce the paperwork that comes with building projects, making your document management much more efficient. You won't have to worry about maintaining hold of physical documents because all of the information you need will be saved online.
  • Increased accountability: Your general contractors and subcontractors will be more accountable if you use construction management software. It's simple to keep track of progress and spot potential issues with all important data in one location.
  • Better-informed decisions: You can make better-informed judgments regarding your construction projects if you have all of the important information in one location. You'll be able to see what's been completed, what's still pending, and what dangers there are.

If you're thinking about implementing contractor software in your construction company, these are just a few potential construction software features and advantages.

How to find the most suitable contractor software for your construction business

Finding contractor software that suits your company's specific needs can be a daunting and strenuous task. With the vast array of software programs available today, it is hard to know where to start.

It's crucial to find software that will save you time and money while still being user-friendly and customisable. A great contractor software should also have excellent customer support if any problems or questions arise. 

Speaking from experience, we caught up with Ryan Jones, the Operations Director of LJ Construction. He says, "Over the previous 15 years, we've added over 100 subcontractors to our sites. We would not have been able to keep the company going without a good construction management solution in place. We were fortunate enough to deal with a software expert who supported us in designing and building a unique market-leading solution that met our company's specific needs. 

“We started looking for contractor software 15 years ago when there was no other choice but to build your own system, which is no longer the case. While we've spent more than £500,000 in the previous 15 years, our office pay bill has decreased, and our ability to 'do more with less' has increased. Our sales revenue is at an all-time high, and our company isn't lagging one bit. We still have the capacity to take on additional work, engage more subcontractors, and obtain new contracts. 

“Our management software is the company's backbone, and without it, we would have perished."

So how can you find the most suitable contractor software for your construction business? Let's say you're searching for contractor management software to help you with your project management to simplify your business. If that's the case, various options are available on the market from different software companies. However, many of these technologies are designed for major UK housing construction companies like Barratt Homes and Taylor Wimpey, leaving the smaller subcontractors in the dark.

Stephen Clark, a leading industry expert from contractor software provider Site Manager Pro says, "Most house builders' construction contractors start small, with the boss working alongside two or three employees on the tools, and they have little management requirements as the boss keeps an eye on the team and the work they're producing. As the company grows, this visibility disappears.

"The business begins to creak if processes to overcome the difficulty have not been established. The contractor will usually do one of two things: either add more admin to the problem or locate software that can handle the load. I've worked with contractors who had 22 office employees and no system, against those that just had two office employees but used a system. Software is a key issue for anyone planning to grow because of the cost savings on administrative wages."

Clark continues, “My suggestion to any contractor seeking a software solution that helps simplify their subcontractors or PAYE workforce is to look for the smaller applications and solutions that your competitors are utilising."

These pointers will assist you in selecting the most effective contractor software for your company. You may streamline your business processes and alleviate your pain points by taking the time to choose the appropriate software for your specific needs.

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