How To Achieve Successful Construction Management Software Implementation

By Georgia Galloway | 6 Oct, 2023 | 3 minute read

Has your construction company ever come across any of these issues?

  • Problems with double-booking, over-booking and wages budget control
  • Losing £££s each month via inefficient systems and processes
  • Regularly being contracharged due to poor quality management
  • Having to reduce prices when tendering
  • No real-time access to critical business data 
  • You're feeling powerless against paper processes and swamped with suffocating spreadsheets

If you've answered yes to any of the above, or the list has sparked other issues you can identify in your company, now is the time to really consider implementing construction management software!

In the ever-changing landscape of tech, smartphones and devices, understanding how to successfully implement construction management software can be a make-or-break situation and can positively change your business right away.

Think about how smartphones have revolutionised our personal lives; now, apply that thinking to your business operations. As mobile apps help us manage our daily tasks efficiently, so can construction management software for contractors.

Contractor manager using a laptop in an office environment with a hardhat in the background

The Process of Implementing Construction Software

When it comes to successful construction software implementation, the process is just as important as the product. And a thought-out implementation plan is crucial to success.

Booking a demo and getting a consultation call

Understanding whether a particular software is suitable for the requirements and unique situation of your business is essential. Booking a consultation call will ensure you're on the right path at which point you can get a demonstration of the software and you can discover how it can improve your business.

Using Free Trial Periods

You've identified there are issues you need to find solutions for in your company; So you're considering implementing management software for your construction business, but you're so used to doing things the way you've always done them, it can be a daunting prospect.

Even though you know things can be better and you can save money with better processes, sometimes it's a case of, better the devil you know.

But, there will always be that nagging doubt, what if you could have made things so much better for your company with contractor management software? What if the software could have saved you time, made you more efficient, protected margins, helped you scale faster and even helped you to achieve the true value of your business if one day you look to sell?

Then the first step should be discussing your situation with a Saas provider and if they understand your company and can help you - utilise a free trial of their software.

 A free trial can reduce the risk of experiencing buyer's remorse as you aren't putting all your eggs in one basket, but you also get the opportunity first-hand to see the difference the software can make to your business. These trial windows let you try before you buy, helping eliminate the fear of investing in a software solution that doesn't work for your company.

You and your team can out the features without any cost while also ensuring that the software will boost operational efficiency. Trial periods will enable you to choose an application that helps your day-to-day tasks and can enhance your operational efficiency.

Testing and Developing an Onboarding Strategy

The secret sauce to successful software implementation lies in two vital steps: testing the software and crafting an effective strategy to get all team members onboarded.

Testing on a small scale, such as during a trial period, before going live is akin to having your safety gear in place at a construction site. It helps identify any unexpected issues early, allowing you time to fix them without causing major disruptions.

Crafting an efficient strategy after testing involves drawing from observations during the trial period. Make note of what worked and what didn't, so this can be discussed with your software provider to discover the solutions.

Pivotal role of continuous learning

Just as builds are never truly finished but undergo constant upgrades based on needs or regulations changes, contractor management software is always evolving.

This means not only are problems identified and addressed swiftly but also adapting new features.

Full implementation

You've completed your trial period and you've seen with even a small sample what a difference the right software can make for your business, your efficiency and control over your wages and processes.

In simplest terms with your software you'll be able to...

  • Quickly add sites and plot listings
  • Subcontractors book in
  • Contract managers review and authorise budgets and wages
  • Back-office staff process wages easily and accurately

Ongoing customer support will ensure you navigate any bumps in the road and training should any new modules be added, will ensure a smooth implementation process.

And you'll wonder how you went so long without contractor management software in your business. 

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